Pasha Massage   60 mins   £48
Pure total indulgence for the mind & body.  Two therapists pamper you with a dry body brush, exfoliation with exotic spice body scrub, 4 hand body massage, inc.  face & head leave your mind in melt down!  The mind finds it difficult to follow the touch of both therapists so it gives in to pure bliss.  An experience not to be missed


            Hopi Ear Candles  60 mins  £35    
The candles work on a chimney effect, drawing any impurities to the surface to be removed.  Equalises the pressure in the head.  Ideal for excessive/compacted wax, snoring, sinus, irritations, headaches, colds, migraines, stress.  Treatment includes relaxing neck & face massage


        Hot Stone Therapy  90 mins  £50   70min  £45 
Stone therapy goes beyond the realms of traditional massage by transmitting & neutralising energy, removing blockages, dissolving stress & balancing the body to create a feeling of wellbeing.  Excellent for arthritic conditions.
          Reflexology & Massage 60 mins  £35
A treatment which combines the effectiveness of reflexology with the relaxing manipulation of the muscles resulting in an extremely deep state of relaxation.
           Vibro Massage  70 mins  £40 (full body)   60 mins (back)  £35  30min £25
                      Full or part body massage using a spherical infrared massage head, eliminates pain caused by fatigue or rheumatism, convulsions in the shoulders, fatigue from sports.  Used in each area then manual manipulation is applied
            Indian Head Massage 30 mins £22      
Treats upper back, shoulders,  arms,  neck, head & face.  Relieves tension, anxiety,  aching muscles, headaches, eye strain.  Helps improves concentration, can relieve insomnia.


      Neuro- Muscular Aroma Massage  60 mins  £35  
Deep Manipulative techniques combined with aromatherapy oils.  Alleviates  tension & stress. Improves  wellbeing.  Targets specific problem areas
Pure Deep Treatment    70 mins  £50 -      90 mins   £53
Complete and total attack on the body’s tension areas with a combination of hot stones, vibro and manual massage techniques.  Total relaxation!